Saturday, February 27, 2010

Manifesto to Tax & Gambling Reforms

I mentioned in other blogs of mine & forums that I will include in my Manifesto to reform Entertainment Laws & Gambling with particular regards towards Casino.

As a principal I am strongly against gambling as a profit generating business, it is unethical financial gain for all businesses individuals as well as government. Where ever it is possible this must be put against a very steep resistance to limit and reduce. Casino for profit must be disallowed.

Any businesses that deal with betting on races or sports or lottery for profits must not be allowed. Non-profit betting for funding charities may be allowed but with limitations and tight regulations. It will be my Manifesto to bring down casinos setup by famiLEE LEEgime.

I envision that non-profitable betting in form of lottery or racing will provide charity funds to benefit poor needy; old; poor; ill; etc social welfare.

It will also be my Manifesto to reform taxation. GST on peoples' basic necessities is ridiculous. Heavy taxes must be imposed against luxuries and entertainment on a steep basis. The higher the lifestyle one enjoys must be taxed with a higher rate. The rich who enjoys private airplanes, leisure boats; golf; clubs; etc must contribute a higher proportion to benefit the rest, while those struggling for survival & feeding families should be on the receiving end of the system.

Residential property tax must be positively related to the quality of environment and the residential density of these properties. These densities can be measured by average number of person per square area of built up & non-build areas.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Manifesto for Free Workers' Unions

At this time I would release briefly my manifesto regarding reform for worker's rights and unionization. That the famiLEE LEEgime's fraud union NTUC is to completely demolished and liquidated. Workers are to be allowed to form new organizations for their respective group interest as freely as any other normal countries outside the present famiLEE LEEgime.

The assets of NTUC is to be liquidated and organization dissolved completely. The members will fairly receive their shares of this liquidation upon completion of process. Clear auditing and report will be made transparent and all discovered discrepancies will be exposed and investigated and dealt with in accordance with common law and supervised by Grand Tribunal of Liquidation.

This NTUC is one major component of famiLEE LEEgime's foul rules for decades, which is a part of objective that our reform efforts must reverse and undo.

The cleanest way to do so, is a total liquidation and give freedom to workers of Singapore their proper rights of unionization to begin from scratch.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Manifesto to Form Grand Tribunal of Liquidation

Ref: Manifesto To Liquidate Corrupt's LEEgime
Ref: Manifesto against Corrupted Abuse of Judiciary
Ref: Manifesto Against Political Corruption

According to but not limited to the above listed Manifestos, I insist that a Grand Tribunal of Liquidation to be organized and setup to systematically and thoroughly carryout in great details the Lee Kuan Yew's regime I call famiLEE LEEgime.

The post LEEgime government of Singapore should allocate sufficient national resources; funds; and manpower to organize this Grand Tribunal of Liquidation. The process to be as fair as can be possibly achieved, and as transparent as means like Internet can be made available. The coverage have to be broad-base. Covering beyond corruption and abuse of power, the liquidation must expose scandals; cover-ups; malfeasance; falsehood; dishonesty; fabrication and exercising authority in bad faith.

To empower the Grand Tribunal of Liquidation, the post LEEgime parliament need to re-draft constitution of lift or suspend constitution if necessary, to have a thorough liquidation done against famiLEE LEEgime. The capacity of Grand Tribunal must have the ability to trial hundred thousand culprits of famiLEE LEEgime and have witnesses testify against their corruptions and abuses. The power of Grand Tribunal of Liquidation should not be below the state's supreme judiciary.

It is also my idea that the Tribunal's liquidation process against the corruption, involve profound judiciary and investigation professionals from outside Singapore, from the international community. And the findings be publicized globally. Most importantly, the verdicts and sentences be also publicized globally. The purpose is to disseminate publicity against corruption and abuse of power, in particular the unique form of LEEgalized corruption invented by and globally promoted by Lee Kuan Yew.

The darkest secrets kept by the famiLEE LEEgime, must come out to the light and exposed.

The ugly crimes must be revealed and publicized, the filth of corruption must be exposed.

The foul of greed to be felt globally to educate people against corruption and greed.

I insist that for the worst corrupts their penalty must be capital, and their executions have to be brutal for purpose of deterrence, and corruption prevention. I insist that as many corrupts as there is must be convicted and sentences as well as punished harsh. However, the purpose is not to look for a massive bloodshed.

I have indicated this idea to other Singaporean reformists, which is a stay of execution, plus a program I called Repent Confess Remedy and Redeem program, under which convicted corrupts are given a chance to be in this program, to redeem their crimes against Republic of Singapore and our people. They have to Repent; Confess; Reveal the truth; Do their best to remedy damages they had done or done by other fellow criminals. The good deeds which they can do will be recorded and publicized and redeemed against their sentences & set off against the penalties they are facing. There will be no Soviet Styled Gulags but there won't be holiday camps for the corrupts either.

The value of this grand liquidation exercise is not only to document the shameful corrupted history of Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime, but is is to document a lesson about corruptions and abuses of power, the value is educational and prevention into the future of Singapore.

If we never learn we will never make progress, if we never learn the real truth we will never make any real progress in the future. The truth is ugly, be truth with it's ugliness, record it as it is. The more ugly it is the better will our future citizens learn.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Manifesto for Free Education

At this time when famiLEE LEEgime is increasing all the university fees, I want to publish my Manifesto for Free Education. I proposed for the reformed Singapore after famiLEE LEEgime to have education from kindergartens to universities basically free of charge for all citizens.

I have other Manifestos on Education Reform to be published, but for now, this part cover the Free Education for our Citizens. Even if the huge national reserves and assets were found in the end to be hoaxes, we should still be able to to educate our citizens for no fees. This is not too difficult to afford even in many 3rd world nations.

The educational system of famiLEE LEEgime is a bubble alike it's economy, it had always been too lavish and unrealistic. They tried to convince us that was so called WORLD's BEST. I think it really is just most expensive nor wasteful.

Too much national resources were spent on education to get too little result, and they squandered on the infrastructures and facilities just like their so called First World Health Care with too little realistic results. It needs to be thoroughly reformed. Too much of our Singaporean tax payers funds had been spent to benefit FOREIGN STUDENTS, which is a very high proportion these days.

Why should we dump our funds to educate students from foreign nations?

The famiLEE LEEgime is greedy and egoistic as in other aspect. The lost focus on our own citizens education as they got themselves distracted by their own dream to be Asian or Regional Education Hub - my foot!

It is my Manifesto to make education realistic; cost effective; and free for the citizens. No Frills, No Gimmicks, No Bull Shit, Down To Earth & Free Of Charge.

Not as a form of loan, nor subsidy, nor Edu-Save of parents. State funded education for all CITIZENS and foreigners are not entitled. Foreigners can go to private schools and private colleges and private universities, national educational facilities should not take in foreigners unless for official reasons. Citizen must have the highest national priority to education as far as the state can still afford. State should even make loans from foreign sources when we can not afford to educate our citizens for free.

famiLEE LEEgime claims to have huge foreign reserves and savings, have huge surplus to distribute Ang Pows, but have to raise fees of universities for what? It clearly shows that they are either cheating bluffing or profiteering or they are out of their minds.

Singaporean education have to be reform and remodeled entirely, with complete change on the famiLEE LEEgime's money minded greedy objectives. Universities & colleges are not to used as production lines for graduates for the economy, nor students to be made as human raw materials for their production lines. famiLEE LEEgime's scarifies on human values of our students had been a national tragedy all along.

famiLEE LEEgime sees education as an industry out of which they want to be profiteering from. This is extremely shortsighted and foolish beside being bastard. When inflation is eminent ahead for our citizens and student they fire the first shot to increase university fees first.

I call the students to organize protest and boycott, and don't compromise.

The million dollar LEEgime is too greedy and selfish, students have to do their parts for Singapore now.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Manifesto against Corrupted Abuse of Judiciary

Cut & Pasted from my message on Sammyboymod forum:

155663.12 in reply to 155663.8

Nope he had been released last April or so, before GE2006.

That wasn't quite aligned with Prata Man's pleasure, but the timing was aligned to dog shit Yong Punk Sai's retirement. It also aligned with GE.

I mentioned this case in my speeches. I insist that dog shit Punk Sai is to be nailed properly for this and LKy has a hand in this case 100%, because Punk Sai have no balls to do this, he is just LKy's dog shit. LKy cleaned up his own dog shit by providing the IMH + Prata solution.

I pursued the case with ex-SDP's CEC member Arthero Lim, who has a stock trading A/C with Mr Boon Suan Ban. Other SDP CEC members helped me.

I spoke to Mrs Boon the wife and other Mr. Boon the brother. I went to DBS Huang Securities in JB (the office) 4 times, met all of Mr. Boon's colleges.

The Boon family was seriously intimidated that if they fight instead of cooperate with famiLEE LEEgime Boon would be detained even longer. They were scared and don't know what to do. They need help but are too fearful to even meet with us, fearing what famiLEE LEEgime will do to Boon in IMH.

I went to IMH with SDP people, at the visitor registration center they entered my NRIC into computer and immediately there are messages on the screen to direct the IMH staff to turn us away. It is obvious that famiLEE LEEgime knows that I am after this case, because I posted about it on this forum many times. I mentioned this case outside Singapore to inform international human rights and legal as well as political community - that famiLEE LEEgime is now playing the ex-Soviet Union trick to abuse mental hospital as another form of political prison.

IMH allowed no body except Boon's frightened family members to visit him. An IMH doctor I think Dr. Cxxx I met who knows about the case is friend of Worker's Party. I promised not to reveal anything I heard via that meeting. So that is OFF this thread... :-)

My position is this that Yong Punk Sai the dog shit have to come clean about what is between himself and Mr. Boon. Otherwise the entire world have all the reason to believe that very serious foul play and abusive judiciary brutality had been committed against Mr. Boon Suan Ban by famiLEE LEEgime. As CJ in office at the time of Boon's case the penalty Punk Sai must face for this should be something 5 times the normal in order to seek future deterrence against such grave injustice.

They can try to make people believe that Boon is insane to discredit any stories from Boon's side. But they can never make us believe that Punk Sai is insane, and as ex-CJ he got every liability to come clean about this, otherwise assumed by public to be guilty.

I insist that any Singaporean attending IBA conference would bring out this case as the most lethal nail to nail famiLEE LEEgime's Kangaroo.

This will take place on Friday in the Rule Of Law session of IBA.

The payback must be made in full with satisfactory interest, for injustice done by judges for personal grudges or interest such as debts.

If law is expected to be double harsh against law enforcement officers (mata) who committed crimes than it should be 5 time more harsh for judiciary officers, more so for the CJ.

The basis are:

  1. these officers of law have every obligation to up hold law for society
  2. they are entrusted and empowered by law given capabilities to do their works
  3. they are trusted not to abuse their powers and only use it to up hold law for the people's interest
  4. they are the selected and professionally trained public servants
  5. they are ultra highly paid in Singapore
  6. they can cause much more injustice and suffering to people when they abuse their authorities more so than any normal criminals
  7. they are worst then any normal criminals when they are found to be abusing their powers corruptly
  8. not punishing such culprits so seriously will render no respect nor trust to law and law enforcement by society the rule of law will then vanish

This principle will b a part of UY Manifesto for SGP's Reform :-)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Manifesto To Liquidate Corrupt's LEEgime

My Manifesto of Reform must include a Liquidation Manifesto to physically and logically LIQUIDATE corrupted famiLEE LEEgime. The corrupts must be systematically taking down and held accountable for their Totalitarian Crimes, and made to Payback wealth which they had enriched themselves via corrupted political controls in their past ruling.

The Liquidation must show example to the world, and more importantly to future Singaporeans, as a deterring lesson against future Totalitarian Regime.

I will gradually increment the contents of this Manifesto, but for now I want to release briefly as follows:

  • The scale of Liquidation must be TOTAL and GLOBAL, corrupted culprits of ousted famiLEE LEEgime must be hunted and wanted globally, their hidden assets and evidence information must be pursued and sorted globally.
  • The Liqudation Process must have no time nor boundary limits. It must be a national level effort and major mission for subsequent Govt of Rep of Singapore.
  • National resources and priorities must be allocated to sort and Liquidate outed famiLEE LEEgime members and bring them back to Singapore. I insist that necessary prices must be paid for reform, and leave no room for slack in seeking thorough liquidation.
  • Take references and make improvements on the works done by Philippines & Indonesia as well as other countries to recover assets of corrupted formal rulers Marcos & Suharto.
  • Take references and make enhancement on the current efforts taken by Thailand to deal with outsted Thug-Sin family.
  • Make a CONTRAST against the currently on going famiLEE LEEgime's INCOMPETENT NKF Wayang, in dealing with TT Durai and Cohorts, using a NEW NKF to sue OLD NKF, and their blunders with Corruption Charges against Durai.
  • Set new example with this Singaporean effort in Liquidation of famiLEE LEEgime to the world and future citizens of Singapore.
  • In principal, I call all the members of LEEgime to RENEGATE against the famiLEE, and to make-good their past collaboration with famiLEE by helping Singaporeans to fight against them and LIQUDATE those who are still remaining with the corrupted famiLEE. There must be a fair and systematic mechanism to weight out merits of RENEGATED formal members of LEEgime against their past with the famiLEE LEEgime.
  • The idea is to eliminate the option of LEEgime members quiting this tiny island to be safe and rich elsewhere after famiLEE LEEgime is GAME-OVER. As a tiny island state this is the only meaningful approach. Singapore should post huge reward for bounty hunter and information, for wanted corrupts, this can be very similar to what had been posted by USA for capturing Saddam Hussein. My basic proposal is made reward Proportional to famiLEE LEEgime's ministerial salaries. :-) e.g. 1 year salary of the captured for DEAD, 2 years for alive.
  • The extend we must go about tracking down culprits of corruption must be more long lasting then the efforts to track down WW2 Nazi war criminals.
As much as LKy sell his own model of LEEgalized Corruption globally, future Singapore should promote a model of LEEgime Liquidation to call this the new Singaporean Model :-)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Manifesto to Amend Unreasonable Organ Transplant Act

Sparked by the recent organ donation dispute between a Sim family & the Singapore General Hospital, I brought forward my manifesto release regarding Organ Transplantation which I had not intend originally to put forward at this stage.

The famiLEE LEEgime's Human Organ Transplant Act is very unreasonable regulatory measure of organ transplantation. The fact that a commoner's family with multiple members would put up a few hours of hot hostile stand-off at the Singapore General Hospital to fight against the removal or organs from their loved one and had physical contention between senior citizen and policemen as well as dozen of hospital security guards shows how unacceptable are the people against this famiLEE LEEgime organ transplantation law.

My manifesto will propose significant amendments against the wrongful regulatory measure of famiLEE LEEgime Human Organ Transplant Act. [HOTA] In brief:

  1. There should be absolutely NO COMPULSORY NATURE to any organ transplantation or donations. All the removal and usage must be fully subjected to objections by donor as well as family members, that no organ must be taken nor used against the wish of the organ's owner as well as owners' family members.

  2. No human live must be caused to end prematurely for the purpose of obtaining organ, especially against the wish of any family members of the potential organ donor.

  3. Organ donation must be explicitly voluntary and be cleared beyond any doubt.

  4. There shouldn't be a racist nor religiously biased feature in this law nor any law, because this would be against the Rep of Singapore Constitution Article 12 in the aspect of equality. The famiLEE LEEgime had particularly exempted Muslims [Chap 131 Section 5(2)f ] apart from other races to be subjected to this act.

  5. There shouldn't be even a difference in unequally treating NON-SINGAPOREANS vs Singaporean Citizens or Permanent Residents [Chap 131 Section 5(2)b].

  6. The same principal applies to re-transplantation in which an organ be subjected to transplantation from one recipient over to next recipient.

In addition to the above abolishment, I propose to include the followings:

  1. Organ donation consent may have a limited period of validity; must be subjected to periodic validation; Donors may revoke their consent without facing a penalty or at the lost of medical privilege.

  2. Donors' personal consent can override family member's objection, but in these cases consent must be made significantly prior to death, and made known to family members by the hospital when transplantation is impending for any donor admitted to hospital, that the family members are at no surprise. Consent document must carry the legal standing of a testament made by donor under the relevant law.

  3. When in doubt or at dispute, no transplantation must take place until it becomes clear.

  4. Regulatory policy must not deploy the OPT OUT APPROACH to promote source of human organ for transplantation. Encouragement and motivation or other promotion measures may be used, but CONSENT TO TRANSPLANTATION OF ORGAN MUST NOT BE OBTAINED BY ASSUMPTION NOR DEFAULT.

  5. Harsh punishment with prison terms under Organ Transplant Act must be provided to prevent PROFITEERING culprits from exploiting human organ transplantation.

The Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime had obviously adopted a FORCED and COMPULSORY nature in obtaining human organs for transplantation, and it is now proven that they had taken organs from Singaporean citizen against the will and consent of the family members. The ridiculous HOTA legislation is taking organs from people by Assumption of Consent, and then forced against the will of family members as well. In addition the live of a famiLEE LEEgime HOTA victim had been ended unnaturally and prematurely against the clearly expressed wish of the family members in grief and anger.

The opt out nature of this scheme is taking advantage of those reluctant to go through an opt out documentation procedure, as well as taking advantage of those who are ignorant as well as those who are naive, and in the worse case those who are non-intellectual regarding organ transplantation - such as mentally disabled people; or persons who are disabled from making decision or expression in sick bed either badly ill or injured.

There is also obvious racist / religiously / nationality biased feature legislated into the famiLEE LEEgime HOTA. A law must not be legislated with racist feature, although it's application must not be forced against religion or culture, the provision for such protections such be from the constitutional level.

I support the transplantation of organs to help the patients who have such needs in order to survive. However human organs must be obtained with clear consent given voluntarily by the donors and without violating the family's wish or the cultural background of the donors including the religion. Donation of human organs may be promoted but not FORCED upon the people in any way.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Manifesto Against Political Corruption

I pondered for choices of title for this post between these words Corruption; Self-Enrichment; Graft. This agenda in my Manifesto for Reform is against all such abuse of power, particularly Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime's LEEgalized Corruption and self-enrichment as well as LEEgalized Plundering and Graft.

The masterpiece of famiLEE LEEgime is their LEEgalized Graft of S$2.6 billion of state fund via so called Progress Package, and then distributed Nationwide just only 5 days before polling day of General Election 2006 to conduct LEEgalized vote buying.

In the past 42 years of famiLEE LEEgime there are countless corruption crimes that are mostly LEEgalized. These crimes are progressively more serious and more frequently from the beginning towards the end of the 42 years of famiLEE LEEgime.

Lee Kuan Yew's policy officially resorted to Opened and LEEgalized Graft and Corruption via Ministerial Salaries after the notorious ministerial corruption of Tay Chiang Wan - Minister of National Development. The famiLEE LEEgime ministers hold the longest and highest still unbreakable record of salaries golbally. The famiLEE further propagated their corrupt philosophy of LEEgalized graft worldwide via LEEgime propaganda machines and publications.

Singaporean spirit of national devotion; contribution; patriotism and sacrifice by political leadership had been totally contorted and insulted if not completely ruined by corrupt greedy political culture of famiLEE LEEgime. This is a crime initiated by Lee Kuan Yew and thoroughly followed by his Loong son & famiLEE members and cronies installed within the paramount of Singapore's pyramid of power.

In my later relevant portions of my Manifesto I will state how I propose to abolish some mandatory Death Penalties, but for Political Corruption, I propose stern Death Penalty applicable to officers as high as Rep of Singapore President, down to the lowest briber. However it is not mandatory Death Sentence but the maximum penalty must include death for political corruption. The policy must be more stringent toward higher officers than lower peasants, that the penalty face by a corrupted officer is proportional to not just the crime committed but the level of public trust pegged to to the corrupt officer's appointment.

Law must be more harsh towards official culprits than common citizens. Wtih the famiLEE LEEgime they practice the opposite policy that officers enjoys sentencing discounts when they are found guilty, based on famiLEE LEEgime's corrupt philosophy that their own corrupt officials are entitled to offset their past contributions against their own crimes. I insist that is totally wrong, and must be completely reversed, that officers holding their power & privilege must coexist with proportional responsibilities and liabilities. Abuser of power and privilege must be severely punished to set example. The famiLEE LEEgime is a large collusion of LEEgalized corrupts, covering each other and enjoys evasion from punishment even when exposed. They grant themselves unbelievable discounts from justice, this had been repeatedly demonstrated in Singapore's judiciary history and courtroom saga of National Kidney Foundation identifies with this corrupt political culture.

NKF's T T Durai paid himself a PEANUT annual salary of S$600,000 out of public charity donations. This totally paralleled Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime's ministerial salaries except that ministers salaries are multiple times higher than Durai, and they are tax payers' money instead of donations. Tax is a compulsory public payment while donations are voluntary, abuse / misuse of tax payers' fund is more serious as a state offense, while abuse / misuse of donations is more serious as a moral offense while both are equally dishonest.

My COUNTER Manifesto against LKY famiLEE LEEgime's million dollar ministerial salary policy stress that ministers are elected political appointments instead of a professional appointments. The greatest difference is that only citizens are entitled to take part in election while professionals can be hired from ANY other countries, additionally and more importantly, it shouldn't be the performance the matching renumeration that matters with ministers, but their DEVOTIONS; DEDICATIONS; PATRIOTISM; INTEGRITY; POLITICAL MANIFESTO; POLITICAL RESOLVE; ELECTION PROMISE & COMMITMENTS that really matters and decides weather they get their appointment / office or not. The corrupted famiLEE LEEgime lives in a sick culture of greed and wealth, their ministers are selected and employed like directors for LEEgime INC, besides practically being feudal vassals or seigneur of famiLEE LEEgime under emperor Lee, assigned to be barons in various GRCs divided by the famiLEE Royals.

To reflect against famiLEE LEEgime by contrast, my Manifesto calls for ministers & presidents of Rep of Singapore to be appointed completely without salary, not even a token. They appointment and official power / privilege should only come with strict liabilities and requirements in respect of Transparency and Accountability. The state should provide for the officers' and their family's needs in material and facilities and security but not financially.

Ministers and Presidents must only serve under the constitutional limitation for not exceeding a maximum allowed number of years or terms, this length must be reasonable and comparable with other democratically developed nations.

To put in more ironical angle, particularly against famiLEE LEEgime's rotten filthy tactic of abusing bankruptcy to disqualify political opponents, I include in my Manifesto a measure of Aniti-Corruption Insolvency. In that, all Rep of Singapore Ministers and Presidents before taking oath to office after being elected are to first mandatory declare their assets; equities; and directorship in all private businesses, and discharge themselves from these private business appointments as well as have their personal assets ; liabilities or equities completely handed over to the custody of the state's Official Assignee, and the custody remains as long as the Minister / President still holds office. And the assets etc to be returned after the Minister / President is discharged from their public office. This applies essentially to elected political appointments, as a stern measure to prevent corruption, and assure absolutely that a President or Minister's asset / equity level remains the same immediately before and after their holding to official appointments and they are unable to self-enrich during their terms of power.

Straight measures of monitoring and scrutiny must be established to monitor the close friends and family members of key political appointees as effective form of Anti-Corruption measures.

The maximum penalty for graft or corruption or abuse of power have to be death by state execution.

These features of my Manifesto Against Political Corruption are tailored to highlight by contrast the frauds and falsehood of famiLEE LEEgime's LEEgalized Graft & Corruption policies. However I would not insist to get EXACT implementation for the actual reform, however the principles and logics sets a datum as well as pointers towards the faults and desired corrections for the reform.

This portion of Manifesto is based on a clear principle that Ministers and Presidents as well as similar politically elected appointments must NEVER BECOME AN OPPORTUNITY OF SELF-ENRICHMENT, and rather must actually be only an opportunity FOR CONTRIBUTION; TO SERVE SINGAPORE BY DEVOTION & PATRIOTISM; TO MAKE SACRIFICE INSTEAD OF GAIN. These appointment must NEVER be for any one to hold on for long term, to pass to own family members or children or cronies, instead they are appointments that holders must within their short terms contribute and server truthfully and effectively before passing these positions to others new comers who can take turns to contribute and serve our nation. These positions must NOT share the same nature as professional jobs or corporate directorships or high salary earning career opportunities.

While non-miniterial executives and coperate directors can be hired via headhunter or employment advertisments based strickly on principle of business, their ability to bring about business success and results justify their remunarations economically, Ministerial and Presidential candidates ask for their mandates through election campaigns, states their political causes / manifesto and ideas and values, asking fellow citizens to accept all that via voting on their ballots, Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime got these all MIXED UP!

They ran their famiLEE LEEgime like a family business and treated ministers and presidents as their famiLEE employees, just like traditional Ah Beng family business concept, except that tax payers foot the payrolls and these Ah Beng minister / president employees are paid the WORLD'S HIGHGEST SALARIES. Any surprise? No, since their employee must be BEST IN SGP JB AND BATAM! And their result are WORLD CLASS and their LEEgime is FIRST WORLD!

Today most of the Singaporean peasants and many from the world outside Singapore can see through that Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE business ran into much failures and troubles. They had also neglected that Singaporean Citizens are supposed to be the only ture shareholders instead of the famiLEE, and all shareholders had been betrayed; misled; hoodwinked; and exploited.

Lee Kuan Yew's policy is a failure, and a nation must never be ran like a business. Running a nation like famiLEE business is the worst policy, a childish and naive approach based on greed and selfishness as well as hunger for power. Singaporeans must learn this painful lesson and share this bad experience with the other people worldwide.

What Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE did in prevention of their LEEgime feudal vassals and barons' corruption scandals is essentially a ONE TIME change which LEEgalized ALL these corruptions ONCE AND FOR ALL, via LEEgally ENRICHING their vassals and barons with obscene amount of tax payers' monies. My Manifesto insist that strategy itself to be the ugliest corruption crime ever. When Lee Kuan Yew found no way to prevent crimes within his filthy greedy LEEgime, he just LEEgalized all the fulfillment of wealth exploitation and filthy greed to the extend of an unbreakable World Record in human civilization's entire history. I want to call this the Lee Kuan Yew Salary Record. In my own view Political Corruption can never be taken care of by any sort of policy ONCE AND FOR ALL. The state have to have a constantly maintained system of scrutiny; exposure; discovery; eradication and punishment against corruptions. There must be effective measures to protect and reward Whistle Blowers; Witnesses; and providence of help to the Victims of Corruption. Any type of political system in any society will never see the end of Corruption Culprits and greedy self-enriching officers exploiting loopholes they can find, it is totally wrong to hope to achieve any way to cover this defect by a permanent solution, it is STUPID and SINFUL to solve that by LEEgalizing Graft and Corruption, trying to save political scandals like Tay Chiang Wan, as well as saving the 24X265 efforts to monitor and expose and punish corrupts.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Manifesto Against Political Monopoly

First agenda I would like to publish in my Manifesto for Reform is agenda against MONOPOLY, particularly LONG TERM POLITICAL MONOPOLY, and most particularly against such a monopoly by a single family.

The 42 years monopoly of political power by Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE must be firmly abolished by citizens' power, and the abolishment itself to set example for long term future prevention of similar monopoly. The safeguard must be
firmly installed via clear and resolute clauses in the Rep of Singapore Constitution clauses. Lessons must be learn by future Singaporeans from clearly exposed postmortem studies of ugly famiLEE LEEgime including corruption and failures. Any future attempt to establish a political monopoly like Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE must be most severely opposed and punished.

This Manifesto seeks the following measures against Political Monopoly:

  • Constitutional restriction against family relations between key state office appointment holders. Restriction must be in terms of concurrency; consecutiveness; and limitation of maximum period of appointment. Arbitrarily preventing nepotism and cronyism.

  • Prevention must be provided via Constitution against father to son succession of power, or similar monarchy hereditary continuation of political power between family or monetary relations.

  • Constitution must safeguard against foul plays in the aspect of political stunts such as proxy or puppet officers e.g. famiLEE LEEgime's Presidents.

  • Constitutional restriction must also be set against single party dominance, via mechanism of mandatory by-election in the event the result of a general election gave any party an un-proportionally high ratio of seats the parliament exceeding a constitutionally set limit. This is aimed to prevent a future scenario of 82-2 seat dominance like famiLEE LEEgime's PAP.

  • Constitutional mechanism to prevent a military junta. famiLEE LEEgime is indeed a shadow of a military junta consisting of SAF senior officers and generals. Although the LEEgime already abolished their emphasis of military ranks used in conjunction of civilian official titles, but they had for a long period adopted such policy. With or without the emphasis of military ranks the famiLEE LEEgime parliament and cabinet is still indeed full of SAF senior officers and generals in particular LKY's Loong Son. Constitution must require a significant time gap in terms of minimum years between any officer's holding of high military / security forces appointment to hold key civilian offices subsequently or concurrently.

  • The nation must nurture a healthy culture against political monopoly and preserve it as a national heritage, citing the reform exercise against Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime as example and guidance for future Singapore. It must be a form of knowledge between pride vs shame; right vs wrong; glory vs stigma, for future citizens.

  • Exposure of famiLEE LEEgime falsehood and filths must go worldwide and recorded down the history. Singapore's dark history of famiLEE LEEgime must be offered as a lesson to other people and international community. This is to be a form of antidote against poisonous Lee Kuan Yew Model or LKY styled Singapore Political System, intoxicating greedy copycat dictators such as Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand typically.

  • Future Singaporeans must offer all forms of assistance possible on top of our experience overcoming totalitarian monopoly regimes to people of other countries fighting against authoritarians, in particular those people who suffers under LKY's copycat dictators.

  • The spirit of reform; restoration of justice; preservation of civil rights and freedom; confronting against dictatorship etc, are to be treasured as our national cultural assets, to last for generations of Singaporeans.
The essence of this portion of Manifesto is aimed to prevent a future repeatition of Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime in Rep of Singapore, we also to contribute our efforts to help other people internationally to prevent themselves from suffering from regime that mimics famiLEE LEEgime.

The Objective and Time Frame

Republic of Singapore and been since separation from Malaya in 1965 until present 2006 essentially ruled by one single famiLEE superimposed on the single party governance. Lee Kuan Yew passing throne to his son, and the control of key state assets to his daughter in-law, creating effectively a famiLEE LEEgime, if this is not put to stop LEE's Dynasty will still dictate the future of our 4 million people republic under their single famiLEE rule for yet another 42 years.

The First and Prime Objective of my Manifesto is to put a stop to this famiLEE LEEgime via the power of citizens. This I insist must be the very first step to all other reforms, because this is the only real step that will truly enable all other subsequent steps and directions of reforms. Practically all ideas and desires and necessities of reforms are otherwise the furthest from fulfillment and all other efforts will be waste of time as long as the famiLEE LEEgime is still in control from the peak of power pyramid.

So far in the past 42 years, only changes that suits the famiLEE LEEgime will take place in Singapore including the appointment or so called elections of Presidents or Ministers or Chief Justice or Commanders of Forces. The media; work unions; people's associations; everything under the sun on this island are not free and independent and only grows in the famiLEE's favor. Anything growing otherwise will be destroyed with the abuse of every state machineries conveniently available to famiLEE.

famiLEE must be uprooted and held accountable in firmer extend than what had Macos; Suharto and Thug-Sin had been.

The PAP must cease to be monopoly, this would practically be simultaneous with the uprooting of famiLEE, but I don't emphasize the PAP party as much as famiLEE itself to be prime focus of reform. PAP party is under the control of famiLEE. I hope this party will find it's own direction after famiLEE LEEgime and compete fairly in multi-party rotation politics like most other developed countries and democracies. Singaporeans removing famiLEE will do PAP party a favor just as meaningful as giving the same liberty to our Republic.

The present Thai military interim govt is dissolving Thug-Sin's Thai Rak Thai party. Although the PAP is even more significantly monopolized and infused in our national structure - almost same as communist regimes, in this Manifesto I do not specify the demolition of PAP party as the milestone of reform. The reason is Singapore being so small we have to salvage and recycle any usable resources for our future, and completely destroying PAP party is not preferred. Like we recycled NE-water we may need to recycle portions of NE-PAP :-). Thai Rak Thai is a relatively new party in Thai Kingdom, and the Thai people are in more affordable position to see the total rid of Thug-Sin's party, compared with Singaporean with PAP party.

Unlike communist regimes, PAP party does not monitor famiLEE LEEgime cabinet nor oversee famiLEE LEEgime officers. famiLEE runs the government by the father & son and relatives in the cabinet bypassing the ruling party, this is the part that is unlike the communist regimes. In PRC China for example, communist party oversee military; foreign relation; ideology; corruption; economic; etc key issues. PAP only bears the empty status of ruling party, it does not really have control over the LEEgime in any significant aspect. PAP party is only the vehicle that is used to legitimize famiLEE LEEgime via election process. Even the party's PMs don't really have power to vote according to their wish or the voters they represent in the LEEgime rubber-stamp parliament.

The Republic of Singapore Constitution needs some significant amendments, this is an objective and milestone of my Manifesto. Legislations customized for famiLEE LEEgime's corrupted rule must be abolished, amended and fresh legislations need to be made to fill up some holes. This is the duty of entire republic's citizenship not just the interim or replacement governments.

To nurture a refreshed post-LEEgime republic, sufficiently long interim period must follow the end of famiLEE LEEgime, under freedom of media and citizen assemblies, political campaigns and rallies can be held peacefully and orderly before a truly free and fair election to be held for the 1st post LEEgime government. State forces must serve the nation independent of party favoritisms, if they fail to do so, our national cost of reform will be much higher and assistance of United Nation forces will become crucial.

It would be naive to expect the first post LEEgime governments to be rock steady or high performance. However it wouldn't be total chaos or doomsday either. Citizens must have faith and courage as well as willing to pay a reasonable price for the change. Learning and patience during the transition is absolutely necessary and people of other nations had all been through their similar experiences of changes before they see improvements and better futures.

The famiLEE LEEgime had become desperately corrupt in this ending portion of their life cycle. It is inevitable that they will leave huge nasty surprises for our people. These would be the heavy burdens for any post-LEEgime government as well as the people, the sooner we face and resolve these the better it is for the future Singapore, I don't see any practical way to avoid this, because even if this country is to collapse in the hands of famiLEE LEEgime our people are still to face the same accounts or worst.

The meaningful time to begin is NOW while both Lee Kuan Yew and his son Loong are together in the cabinet, in this illegitimate government sworn in after a nationwide vote buying election. Their illicit corrupted election legitimized our uprooting of their famiLEE LEEgime.

We must not wait any further, we must not allow them to continue to rule in their corrupted status. The surfacing of NKF and Shin Corp etc filthy scandals are clear signs of their end coming soon. Lee Kuan Yew must be taken down by Singaporean people while he is still clutching to his final phase of power. He must be held accountable for many things done corruptly and unjustly in the past decades. He must be taken to task before he becomes physically or mentally unfit.

There is much more meanings than vengeance or politics in this. The original designer and engineer of this national machine better not be disabled or deceased as we reform / renovate and rebuild Republic of Singapore. Whatever we can dig out from his corrupted DataBank may help us prevent some waste of time and efforts :-) So don't miss the deadline to capture some data, bearing in mind that is corrupted.

Lee Kuan Yew's Loong Son is very weak and useless, it would look like an easier time frame after his dad is gone to start reforming Singapore. But any reformist planing on that is also fundamentally weak and unconfident, opportunistic and passive, not a true reformist but just gatherer awaiting under a tree for falling durians. Singapore will have to go through more and worst losses under the hands of famiLEE worst than SuZhou; Optus & Shin Corp, if we sit by and wait further.

Asia is rapidly reforming and transforming, we can not waste time and let our Singapore rot further in the hands of famiLEE. We are going to have a hard time catching up with renewed and reformed Asia competitions from here we are already lagging behind under this corrupted and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime.

The longer we remain in the hands of famiLEE in their desperate struggle to prolong LEEgime the more dangerous gamble they are going to bet entire Singapore into. Lee Kuan Yew counting on Bush's Iraq & Afghan wars; casinos; collaborated huge GIC Temasek funds with corrupted Thug-Sin family etc are the warnings, this is not the last thing they will try after repeated failures, if Singaporeans don't stop them, we can surely expect more. By the time they finally gave up and wash hands and absconded like their good friend Thug-Sin, Singaporeans will find very little to salvage.

Lee Kuan Yew's Yang son quited from Singtel after 8 billion dollars written off from his Optus adventure alone. I am not implying that is the final sum of our total lost, bleeding has yet stop and that is not the only wound. By the time each of the famiLEE members gave up and quit, what would be left for Singaporeans? Debts awaiting payment is one thing for sure!

It is the objective of my Manifesto for Reform to steer Singapore towards a new path after 42 years of Lee Kuan Yew, particularly his famiLEE LEEgime which is signified by his son taking over from Goh Chok Tong and daughter in-law heading GIC Temasek. Singapore must break free from famiLEE LEEgime. Freeing Singapore from a one-party monopoly is a closely coupled step with freeing the state from a single famiLEE control.

For a first time after this will Singaporean people then able to really decide anything for this country without the control of the LEE family.

The rest of my Manifesto will follow this post as well as editing and amendments made to this blog. It will cover various selected aspects of nation's affairs, part by part.

Monday, December 25, 2006

A blog published Manifesto To Reform


I will begin to publish slowly and post after post, portions to complete UncleYap's Manifesto To Reform Republic of Singapore. This is something I had used my 10 days spent in Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime's Queenstown Free Hotel thinking about, and planed to blog publish. Today is X'mas and it is the day I begin to post Manifesto on blog.

It is better for me to begin posting by telling what this Manifesto is NOT, rather then otherwise.

  1. This Manifesto has nothing do with anyone else except for myself. It has nothing to do with any existing political party either.

  2. What is not published here does not mean that they don't exist, I have no intention to make any complete publication. What I would publish here, I will screen to the extend that I wouldn't provide any useful idea to the Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime, as such, only ideas that I believe are rather useless to the famiLEE would be published. Completeness is not the intention here, just as well, omissions are to be intentional.

  3. What I would publish here is not meant to be taken as my personal credo, or actual route or plan for the reform. Some of it are essentially Counter Manifesto, or deliberately composed just to introduce an alternate angle of view, via such I want people to be able to see what are wrong with the Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime policies. Some are just employing illustration technique by using contrast or mirroring in the completely opposite direction, by a drastic magnitude, in order to draw out indirectly the mid-point of the matters.

  4. However the Manifesto isn't in any sense a hoax or rhetoric bombardment. It would be very much parallel in direction if not identical in basis with my actual idea or intention.
As what I would see right now, the Manifesto's blog publishing will:
  • Span a period of weeks
  • In at least 10 blog posts
  • Be sequenced in non-running order
  • Be revised online after published (copies or republishing sites will become outdated)
  • Welcome URL linked to this blog from other sites
  • May be printed in hard copies at some stage
  • May be re-published in Chinese and / or other languages
  • I may release or publish other version of manifesto to suit the changed situations of Singapore in the future, and by then this version will be referred to as the X'mas 2006 version of UncleYap's manifesto To Reform
In the future down the road of reform, I may be dead or imprisoned by famiLEE LEEgime. I urge supporters and fellow reformists to continue and carry out reform for this country. When you find yourself referring to this Manifesto for any reason, I do not ask anyone to follow it with rigidity, I don't tell you to use it as absolute datum for What Is Right however, I ask you to use it mostly as a mirror to reflect what was done wrong that we must correct and depart from the past of the Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime.

With all my fellow Singaporeans I am willing to share my courage resolve and vision, to see a better future Rep of Singapore after the Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime. For all that are most worthy for our children and grandchildren of Singapore please be generous and thoughtful to pay the right and adequate price for the change, and to ensure the the result is right for the price paid by us. To remember, we are here today with this nation of ours Rep of Singapore only because our forefathers had paid price and made efforts for us to possess this island as her rightful owners and citizens.

Yap Keng Ho

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Menefesto Publication Delay

The urgent matter at my hands now is Dr. Chee Soon Juan being hospitalized after falling ill whilst in prison.

Publishing of Menefesto is now impossible because I can not put my mind into this mood to do so.