Monday, December 25, 2006

A blog published Manifesto To Reform


I will begin to publish slowly and post after post, portions to complete UncleYap's Manifesto To Reform Republic of Singapore. This is something I had used my 10 days spent in Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime's Queenstown Free Hotel thinking about, and planed to blog publish. Today is X'mas and it is the day I begin to post Manifesto on blog.

It is better for me to begin posting by telling what this Manifesto is NOT, rather then otherwise.

  1. This Manifesto has nothing do with anyone else except for myself. It has nothing to do with any existing political party either.

  2. What is not published here does not mean that they don't exist, I have no intention to make any complete publication. What I would publish here, I will screen to the extend that I wouldn't provide any useful idea to the Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime, as such, only ideas that I believe are rather useless to the famiLEE would be published. Completeness is not the intention here, just as well, omissions are to be intentional.

  3. What I would publish here is not meant to be taken as my personal credo, or actual route or plan for the reform. Some of it are essentially Counter Manifesto, or deliberately composed just to introduce an alternate angle of view, via such I want people to be able to see what are wrong with the Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime policies. Some are just employing illustration technique by using contrast or mirroring in the completely opposite direction, by a drastic magnitude, in order to draw out indirectly the mid-point of the matters.

  4. However the Manifesto isn't in any sense a hoax or rhetoric bombardment. It would be very much parallel in direction if not identical in basis with my actual idea or intention.
As what I would see right now, the Manifesto's blog publishing will:
  • Span a period of weeks
  • In at least 10 blog posts
  • Be sequenced in non-running order
  • Be revised online after published (copies or republishing sites will become outdated)
  • Welcome URL linked to this blog from other sites
  • May be printed in hard copies at some stage
  • May be re-published in Chinese and / or other languages
  • I may release or publish other version of manifesto to suit the changed situations of Singapore in the future, and by then this version will be referred to as the X'mas 2006 version of UncleYap's manifesto To Reform
In the future down the road of reform, I may be dead or imprisoned by famiLEE LEEgime. I urge supporters and fellow reformists to continue and carry out reform for this country. When you find yourself referring to this Manifesto for any reason, I do not ask anyone to follow it with rigidity, I don't tell you to use it as absolute datum for What Is Right however, I ask you to use it mostly as a mirror to reflect what was done wrong that we must correct and depart from the past of the Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime.

With all my fellow Singaporeans I am willing to share my courage resolve and vision, to see a better future Rep of Singapore after the Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime. For all that are most worthy for our children and grandchildren of Singapore please be generous and thoughtful to pay the right and adequate price for the change, and to ensure the the result is right for the price paid by us. To remember, we are here today with this nation of ours Rep of Singapore only because our forefathers had paid price and made efforts for us to possess this island as her rightful owners and citizens.

Yap Keng Ho