Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Objective and Time Frame

Republic of Singapore and been since separation from Malaya in 1965 until present 2006 essentially ruled by one single famiLEE superimposed on the single party governance. Lee Kuan Yew passing throne to his son, and the control of key state assets to his daughter in-law, creating effectively a famiLEE LEEgime, if this is not put to stop LEE's Dynasty will still dictate the future of our 4 million people republic under their single famiLEE rule for yet another 42 years.

The First and Prime Objective of my Manifesto is to put a stop to this famiLEE LEEgime via the power of citizens. This I insist must be the very first step to all other reforms, because this is the only real step that will truly enable all other subsequent steps and directions of reforms. Practically all ideas and desires and necessities of reforms are otherwise the furthest from fulfillment and all other efforts will be waste of time as long as the famiLEE LEEgime is still in control from the peak of power pyramid.

So far in the past 42 years, only changes that suits the famiLEE LEEgime will take place in Singapore including the appointment or so called elections of Presidents or Ministers or Chief Justice or Commanders of Forces. The media; work unions; people's associations; everything under the sun on this island are not free and independent and only grows in the famiLEE's favor. Anything growing otherwise will be destroyed with the abuse of every state machineries conveniently available to famiLEE.

famiLEE must be uprooted and held accountable in firmer extend than what had Macos; Suharto and Thug-Sin had been.

The PAP must cease to be monopoly, this would practically be simultaneous with the uprooting of famiLEE, but I don't emphasize the PAP party as much as famiLEE itself to be prime focus of reform. PAP party is under the control of famiLEE. I hope this party will find it's own direction after famiLEE LEEgime and compete fairly in multi-party rotation politics like most other developed countries and democracies. Singaporeans removing famiLEE will do PAP party a favor just as meaningful as giving the same liberty to our Republic.

The present Thai military interim govt is dissolving Thug-Sin's Thai Rak Thai party. Although the PAP is even more significantly monopolized and infused in our national structure - almost same as communist regimes, in this Manifesto I do not specify the demolition of PAP party as the milestone of reform. The reason is Singapore being so small we have to salvage and recycle any usable resources for our future, and completely destroying PAP party is not preferred. Like we recycled NE-water we may need to recycle portions of NE-PAP :-). Thai Rak Thai is a relatively new party in Thai Kingdom, and the Thai people are in more affordable position to see the total rid of Thug-Sin's party, compared with Singaporean with PAP party.

Unlike communist regimes, PAP party does not monitor famiLEE LEEgime cabinet nor oversee famiLEE LEEgime officers. famiLEE runs the government by the father & son and relatives in the cabinet bypassing the ruling party, this is the part that is unlike the communist regimes. In PRC China for example, communist party oversee military; foreign relation; ideology; corruption; economic; etc key issues. PAP only bears the empty status of ruling party, it does not really have control over the LEEgime in any significant aspect. PAP party is only the vehicle that is used to legitimize famiLEE LEEgime via election process. Even the party's PMs don't really have power to vote according to their wish or the voters they represent in the LEEgime rubber-stamp parliament.

The Republic of Singapore Constitution needs some significant amendments, this is an objective and milestone of my Manifesto. Legislations customized for famiLEE LEEgime's corrupted rule must be abolished, amended and fresh legislations need to be made to fill up some holes. This is the duty of entire republic's citizenship not just the interim or replacement governments.

To nurture a refreshed post-LEEgime republic, sufficiently long interim period must follow the end of famiLEE LEEgime, under freedom of media and citizen assemblies, political campaigns and rallies can be held peacefully and orderly before a truly free and fair election to be held for the 1st post LEEgime government. State forces must serve the nation independent of party favoritisms, if they fail to do so, our national cost of reform will be much higher and assistance of United Nation forces will become crucial.

It would be naive to expect the first post LEEgime governments to be rock steady or high performance. However it wouldn't be total chaos or doomsday either. Citizens must have faith and courage as well as willing to pay a reasonable price for the change. Learning and patience during the transition is absolutely necessary and people of other nations had all been through their similar experiences of changes before they see improvements and better futures.

The famiLEE LEEgime had become desperately corrupt in this ending portion of their life cycle. It is inevitable that they will leave huge nasty surprises for our people. These would be the heavy burdens for any post-LEEgime government as well as the people, the sooner we face and resolve these the better it is for the future Singapore, I don't see any practical way to avoid this, because even if this country is to collapse in the hands of famiLEE LEEgime our people are still to face the same accounts or worst.

The meaningful time to begin is NOW while both Lee Kuan Yew and his son Loong are together in the cabinet, in this illegitimate government sworn in after a nationwide vote buying election. Their illicit corrupted election legitimized our uprooting of their famiLEE LEEgime.

We must not wait any further, we must not allow them to continue to rule in their corrupted status. The surfacing of NKF and Shin Corp etc filthy scandals are clear signs of their end coming soon. Lee Kuan Yew must be taken down by Singaporean people while he is still clutching to his final phase of power. He must be held accountable for many things done corruptly and unjustly in the past decades. He must be taken to task before he becomes physically or mentally unfit.

There is much more meanings than vengeance or politics in this. The original designer and engineer of this national machine better not be disabled or deceased as we reform / renovate and rebuild Republic of Singapore. Whatever we can dig out from his corrupted DataBank may help us prevent some waste of time and efforts :-) So don't miss the deadline to capture some data, bearing in mind that is corrupted.

Lee Kuan Yew's Loong Son is very weak and useless, it would look like an easier time frame after his dad is gone to start reforming Singapore. But any reformist planing on that is also fundamentally weak and unconfident, opportunistic and passive, not a true reformist but just gatherer awaiting under a tree for falling durians. Singapore will have to go through more and worst losses under the hands of famiLEE worst than SuZhou; Optus & Shin Corp, if we sit by and wait further.

Asia is rapidly reforming and transforming, we can not waste time and let our Singapore rot further in the hands of famiLEE. We are going to have a hard time catching up with renewed and reformed Asia competitions from here we are already lagging behind under this corrupted and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime.

The longer we remain in the hands of famiLEE in their desperate struggle to prolong LEEgime the more dangerous gamble they are going to bet entire Singapore into. Lee Kuan Yew counting on Bush's Iraq & Afghan wars; casinos; collaborated huge GIC Temasek funds with corrupted Thug-Sin family etc are the warnings, this is not the last thing they will try after repeated failures, if Singaporeans don't stop them, we can surely expect more. By the time they finally gave up and wash hands and absconded like their good friend Thug-Sin, Singaporeans will find very little to salvage.

Lee Kuan Yew's Yang son quited from Singtel after 8 billion dollars written off from his Optus adventure alone. I am not implying that is the final sum of our total lost, bleeding has yet stop and that is not the only wound. By the time each of the famiLEE members gave up and quit, what would be left for Singaporeans? Debts awaiting payment is one thing for sure!

It is the objective of my Manifesto for Reform to steer Singapore towards a new path after 42 years of Lee Kuan Yew, particularly his famiLEE LEEgime which is signified by his son taking over from Goh Chok Tong and daughter in-law heading GIC Temasek. Singapore must break free from famiLEE LEEgime. Freeing Singapore from a one-party monopoly is a closely coupled step with freeing the state from a single famiLEE control.

For a first time after this will Singaporean people then able to really decide anything for this country without the control of the LEE family.

The rest of my Manifesto will follow this post as well as editing and amendments made to this blog. It will cover various selected aspects of nation's affairs, part by part.