Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Manifesto Against Political Monopoly

First agenda I would like to publish in my Manifesto for Reform is agenda against MONOPOLY, particularly LONG TERM POLITICAL MONOPOLY, and most particularly against such a monopoly by a single family.

The 42 years monopoly of political power by Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE must be firmly abolished by citizens' power, and the abolishment itself to set example for long term future prevention of similar monopoly. The safeguard must be
firmly installed via clear and resolute clauses in the Rep of Singapore Constitution clauses. Lessons must be learn by future Singaporeans from clearly exposed postmortem studies of ugly famiLEE LEEgime including corruption and failures. Any future attempt to establish a political monopoly like Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE must be most severely opposed and punished.

This Manifesto seeks the following measures against Political Monopoly:

  • Constitutional restriction against family relations between key state office appointment holders. Restriction must be in terms of concurrency; consecutiveness; and limitation of maximum period of appointment. Arbitrarily preventing nepotism and cronyism.

  • Prevention must be provided via Constitution against father to son succession of power, or similar monarchy hereditary continuation of political power between family or monetary relations.

  • Constitution must safeguard against foul plays in the aspect of political stunts such as proxy or puppet officers e.g. famiLEE LEEgime's Presidents.

  • Constitutional restriction must also be set against single party dominance, via mechanism of mandatory by-election in the event the result of a general election gave any party an un-proportionally high ratio of seats the parliament exceeding a constitutionally set limit. This is aimed to prevent a future scenario of 82-2 seat dominance like famiLEE LEEgime's PAP.

  • Constitutional mechanism to prevent a military junta. famiLEE LEEgime is indeed a shadow of a military junta consisting of SAF senior officers and generals. Although the LEEgime already abolished their emphasis of military ranks used in conjunction of civilian official titles, but they had for a long period adopted such policy. With or without the emphasis of military ranks the famiLEE LEEgime parliament and cabinet is still indeed full of SAF senior officers and generals in particular LKY's Loong Son. Constitution must require a significant time gap in terms of minimum years between any officer's holding of high military / security forces appointment to hold key civilian offices subsequently or concurrently.

  • The nation must nurture a healthy culture against political monopoly and preserve it as a national heritage, citing the reform exercise against Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime as example and guidance for future Singapore. It must be a form of knowledge between pride vs shame; right vs wrong; glory vs stigma, for future citizens.

  • Exposure of famiLEE LEEgime falsehood and filths must go worldwide and recorded down the history. Singapore's dark history of famiLEE LEEgime must be offered as a lesson to other people and international community. This is to be a form of antidote against poisonous Lee Kuan Yew Model or LKY styled Singapore Political System, intoxicating greedy copycat dictators such as Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand typically.

  • Future Singaporeans must offer all forms of assistance possible on top of our experience overcoming totalitarian monopoly regimes to people of other countries fighting against authoritarians, in particular those people who suffers under LKY's copycat dictators.

  • The spirit of reform; restoration of justice; preservation of civil rights and freedom; confronting against dictatorship etc, are to be treasured as our national cultural assets, to last for generations of Singaporeans.
The essence of this portion of Manifesto is aimed to prevent a future repeatition of Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime in Rep of Singapore, we also to contribute our efforts to help other people internationally to prevent themselves from suffering from regime that mimics famiLEE LEEgime.