Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Manifesto Against Political Corruption

I pondered for choices of title for this post between these words Corruption; Self-Enrichment; Graft. This agenda in my Manifesto for Reform is against all such abuse of power, particularly Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime's LEEgalized Corruption and self-enrichment as well as LEEgalized Plundering and Graft.

The masterpiece of famiLEE LEEgime is their LEEgalized Graft of S$2.6 billion of state fund via so called Progress Package, and then distributed Nationwide just only 5 days before polling day of General Election 2006 to conduct LEEgalized vote buying.

In the past 42 years of famiLEE LEEgime there are countless corruption crimes that are mostly LEEgalized. These crimes are progressively more serious and more frequently from the beginning towards the end of the 42 years of famiLEE LEEgime.

Lee Kuan Yew's policy officially resorted to Opened and LEEgalized Graft and Corruption via Ministerial Salaries after the notorious ministerial corruption of Tay Chiang Wan - Minister of National Development. The famiLEE LEEgime ministers hold the longest and highest still unbreakable record of salaries golbally. The famiLEE further propagated their corrupt philosophy of LEEgalized graft worldwide via LEEgime propaganda machines and publications.

Singaporean spirit of national devotion; contribution; patriotism and sacrifice by political leadership had been totally contorted and insulted if not completely ruined by corrupt greedy political culture of famiLEE LEEgime. This is a crime initiated by Lee Kuan Yew and thoroughly followed by his Loong son & famiLEE members and cronies installed within the paramount of Singapore's pyramid of power.

In my later relevant portions of my Manifesto I will state how I propose to abolish some mandatory Death Penalties, but for Political Corruption, I propose stern Death Penalty applicable to officers as high as Rep of Singapore President, down to the lowest briber. However it is not mandatory Death Sentence but the maximum penalty must include death for political corruption. The policy must be more stringent toward higher officers than lower peasants, that the penalty face by a corrupted officer is proportional to not just the crime committed but the level of public trust pegged to to the corrupt officer's appointment.

Law must be more harsh towards official culprits than common citizens. Wtih the famiLEE LEEgime they practice the opposite policy that officers enjoys sentencing discounts when they are found guilty, based on famiLEE LEEgime's corrupt philosophy that their own corrupt officials are entitled to offset their past contributions against their own crimes. I insist that is totally wrong, and must be completely reversed, that officers holding their power & privilege must coexist with proportional responsibilities and liabilities. Abuser of power and privilege must be severely punished to set example. The famiLEE LEEgime is a large collusion of LEEgalized corrupts, covering each other and enjoys evasion from punishment even when exposed. They grant themselves unbelievable discounts from justice, this had been repeatedly demonstrated in Singapore's judiciary history and courtroom saga of National Kidney Foundation identifies with this corrupt political culture.

NKF's T T Durai paid himself a PEANUT annual salary of S$600,000 out of public charity donations. This totally paralleled Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime's ministerial salaries except that ministers salaries are multiple times higher than Durai, and they are tax payers' money instead of donations. Tax is a compulsory public payment while donations are voluntary, abuse / misuse of tax payers' fund is more serious as a state offense, while abuse / misuse of donations is more serious as a moral offense while both are equally dishonest.

My COUNTER Manifesto against LKY famiLEE LEEgime's million dollar ministerial salary policy stress that ministers are elected political appointments instead of a professional appointments. The greatest difference is that only citizens are entitled to take part in election while professionals can be hired from ANY other countries, additionally and more importantly, it shouldn't be the performance the matching renumeration that matters with ministers, but their DEVOTIONS; DEDICATIONS; PATRIOTISM; INTEGRITY; POLITICAL MANIFESTO; POLITICAL RESOLVE; ELECTION PROMISE & COMMITMENTS that really matters and decides weather they get their appointment / office or not. The corrupted famiLEE LEEgime lives in a sick culture of greed and wealth, their ministers are selected and employed like directors for LEEgime INC, besides practically being feudal vassals or seigneur of famiLEE LEEgime under emperor Lee, assigned to be barons in various GRCs divided by the famiLEE Royals.

To reflect against famiLEE LEEgime by contrast, my Manifesto calls for ministers & presidents of Rep of Singapore to be appointed completely without salary, not even a token. They appointment and official power / privilege should only come with strict liabilities and requirements in respect of Transparency and Accountability. The state should provide for the officers' and their family's needs in material and facilities and security but not financially.

Ministers and Presidents must only serve under the constitutional limitation for not exceeding a maximum allowed number of years or terms, this length must be reasonable and comparable with other democratically developed nations.

To put in more ironical angle, particularly against famiLEE LEEgime's rotten filthy tactic of abusing bankruptcy to disqualify political opponents, I include in my Manifesto a measure of Aniti-Corruption Insolvency. In that, all Rep of Singapore Ministers and Presidents before taking oath to office after being elected are to first mandatory declare their assets; equities; and directorship in all private businesses, and discharge themselves from these private business appointments as well as have their personal assets ; liabilities or equities completely handed over to the custody of the state's Official Assignee, and the custody remains as long as the Minister / President still holds office. And the assets etc to be returned after the Minister / President is discharged from their public office. This applies essentially to elected political appointments, as a stern measure to prevent corruption, and assure absolutely that a President or Minister's asset / equity level remains the same immediately before and after their holding to official appointments and they are unable to self-enrich during their terms of power.

Straight measures of monitoring and scrutiny must be established to monitor the close friends and family members of key political appointees as effective form of Anti-Corruption measures.

The maximum penalty for graft or corruption or abuse of power have to be death by state execution.

These features of my Manifesto Against Political Corruption are tailored to highlight by contrast the frauds and falsehood of famiLEE LEEgime's LEEgalized Graft & Corruption policies. However I would not insist to get EXACT implementation for the actual reform, however the principles and logics sets a datum as well as pointers towards the faults and desired corrections for the reform.

This portion of Manifesto is based on a clear principle that Ministers and Presidents as well as similar politically elected appointments must NEVER BECOME AN OPPORTUNITY OF SELF-ENRICHMENT, and rather must actually be only an opportunity FOR CONTRIBUTION; TO SERVE SINGAPORE BY DEVOTION & PATRIOTISM; TO MAKE SACRIFICE INSTEAD OF GAIN. These appointment must NEVER be for any one to hold on for long term, to pass to own family members or children or cronies, instead they are appointments that holders must within their short terms contribute and server truthfully and effectively before passing these positions to others new comers who can take turns to contribute and serve our nation. These positions must NOT share the same nature as professional jobs or corporate directorships or high salary earning career opportunities.

While non-miniterial executives and coperate directors can be hired via headhunter or employment advertisments based strickly on principle of business, their ability to bring about business success and results justify their remunarations economically, Ministerial and Presidential candidates ask for their mandates through election campaigns, states their political causes / manifesto and ideas and values, asking fellow citizens to accept all that via voting on their ballots, Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime got these all MIXED UP!

They ran their famiLEE LEEgime like a family business and treated ministers and presidents as their famiLEE employees, just like traditional Ah Beng family business concept, except that tax payers foot the payrolls and these Ah Beng minister / president employees are paid the WORLD'S HIGHGEST SALARIES. Any surprise? No, since their employee must be BEST IN SGP JB AND BATAM! And their result are WORLD CLASS and their LEEgime is FIRST WORLD!

Today most of the Singaporean peasants and many from the world outside Singapore can see through that Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE business ran into much failures and troubles. They had also neglected that Singaporean Citizens are supposed to be the only ture shareholders instead of the famiLEE, and all shareholders had been betrayed; misled; hoodwinked; and exploited.

Lee Kuan Yew's policy is a failure, and a nation must never be ran like a business. Running a nation like famiLEE business is the worst policy, a childish and naive approach based on greed and selfishness as well as hunger for power. Singaporeans must learn this painful lesson and share this bad experience with the other people worldwide.

What Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE did in prevention of their LEEgime feudal vassals and barons' corruption scandals is essentially a ONE TIME change which LEEgalized ALL these corruptions ONCE AND FOR ALL, via LEEgally ENRICHING their vassals and barons with obscene amount of tax payers' monies. My Manifesto insist that strategy itself to be the ugliest corruption crime ever. When Lee Kuan Yew found no way to prevent crimes within his filthy greedy LEEgime, he just LEEgalized all the fulfillment of wealth exploitation and filthy greed to the extend of an unbreakable World Record in human civilization's entire history. I want to call this the Lee Kuan Yew Salary Record. In my own view Political Corruption can never be taken care of by any sort of policy ONCE AND FOR ALL. The state have to have a constantly maintained system of scrutiny; exposure; discovery; eradication and punishment against corruptions. There must be effective measures to protect and reward Whistle Blowers; Witnesses; and providence of help to the Victims of Corruption. Any type of political system in any society will never see the end of Corruption Culprits and greedy self-enriching officers exploiting loopholes they can find, it is totally wrong to hope to achieve any way to cover this defect by a permanent solution, it is STUPID and SINFUL to solve that by LEEgalizing Graft and Corruption, trying to save political scandals like Tay Chiang Wan, as well as saving the 24X265 efforts to monitor and expose and punish corrupts.