Sunday, February 11, 2007

Manifesto to Amend Unreasonable Organ Transplant Act

Sparked by the recent organ donation dispute between a Sim family & the Singapore General Hospital, I brought forward my manifesto release regarding Organ Transplantation which I had not intend originally to put forward at this stage.

The famiLEE LEEgime's Human Organ Transplant Act is very unreasonable regulatory measure of organ transplantation. The fact that a commoner's family with multiple members would put up a few hours of hot hostile stand-off at the Singapore General Hospital to fight against the removal or organs from their loved one and had physical contention between senior citizen and policemen as well as dozen of hospital security guards shows how unacceptable are the people against this famiLEE LEEgime organ transplantation law.

My manifesto will propose significant amendments against the wrongful regulatory measure of famiLEE LEEgime Human Organ Transplant Act. [HOTA] In brief:

  1. There should be absolutely NO COMPULSORY NATURE to any organ transplantation or donations. All the removal and usage must be fully subjected to objections by donor as well as family members, that no organ must be taken nor used against the wish of the organ's owner as well as owners' family members.

  2. No human live must be caused to end prematurely for the purpose of obtaining organ, especially against the wish of any family members of the potential organ donor.

  3. Organ donation must be explicitly voluntary and be cleared beyond any doubt.

  4. There shouldn't be a racist nor religiously biased feature in this law nor any law, because this would be against the Rep of Singapore Constitution Article 12 in the aspect of equality. The famiLEE LEEgime had particularly exempted Muslims [Chap 131 Section 5(2)f ] apart from other races to be subjected to this act.

  5. There shouldn't be even a difference in unequally treating NON-SINGAPOREANS vs Singaporean Citizens or Permanent Residents [Chap 131 Section 5(2)b].

  6. The same principal applies to re-transplantation in which an organ be subjected to transplantation from one recipient over to next recipient.

In addition to the above abolishment, I propose to include the followings:

  1. Organ donation consent may have a limited period of validity; must be subjected to periodic validation; Donors may revoke their consent without facing a penalty or at the lost of medical privilege.

  2. Donors' personal consent can override family member's objection, but in these cases consent must be made significantly prior to death, and made known to family members by the hospital when transplantation is impending for any donor admitted to hospital, that the family members are at no surprise. Consent document must carry the legal standing of a testament made by donor under the relevant law.

  3. When in doubt or at dispute, no transplantation must take place until it becomes clear.

  4. Regulatory policy must not deploy the OPT OUT APPROACH to promote source of human organ for transplantation. Encouragement and motivation or other promotion measures may be used, but CONSENT TO TRANSPLANTATION OF ORGAN MUST NOT BE OBTAINED BY ASSUMPTION NOR DEFAULT.

  5. Harsh punishment with prison terms under Organ Transplant Act must be provided to prevent PROFITEERING culprits from exploiting human organ transplantation.

The Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime had obviously adopted a FORCED and COMPULSORY nature in obtaining human organs for transplantation, and it is now proven that they had taken organs from Singaporean citizen against the will and consent of the family members. The ridiculous HOTA legislation is taking organs from people by Assumption of Consent, and then forced against the will of family members as well. In addition the live of a famiLEE LEEgime HOTA victim had been ended unnaturally and prematurely against the clearly expressed wish of the family members in grief and anger.

The opt out nature of this scheme is taking advantage of those reluctant to go through an opt out documentation procedure, as well as taking advantage of those who are ignorant as well as those who are naive, and in the worse case those who are non-intellectual regarding organ transplantation - such as mentally disabled people; or persons who are disabled from making decision or expression in sick bed either badly ill or injured.

There is also obvious racist / religiously / nationality biased feature legislated into the famiLEE LEEgime HOTA. A law must not be legislated with racist feature, although it's application must not be forced against religion or culture, the provision for such protections such be from the constitutional level.

I support the transplantation of organs to help the patients who have such needs in order to survive. However human organs must be obtained with clear consent given voluntarily by the donors and without violating the family's wish or the cultural background of the donors including the religion. Donation of human organs may be promoted but not FORCED upon the people in any way.

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