Thursday, March 29, 2007

Manifesto To Liquidate Corrupt's LEEgime

My Manifesto of Reform must include a Liquidation Manifesto to physically and logically LIQUIDATE corrupted famiLEE LEEgime. The corrupts must be systematically taking down and held accountable for their Totalitarian Crimes, and made to Payback wealth which they had enriched themselves via corrupted political controls in their past ruling.

The Liquidation must show example to the world, and more importantly to future Singaporeans, as a deterring lesson against future Totalitarian Regime.

I will gradually increment the contents of this Manifesto, but for now I want to release briefly as follows:

  • The scale of Liquidation must be TOTAL and GLOBAL, corrupted culprits of ousted famiLEE LEEgime must be hunted and wanted globally, their hidden assets and evidence information must be pursued and sorted globally.
  • The Liqudation Process must have no time nor boundary limits. It must be a national level effort and major mission for subsequent Govt of Rep of Singapore.
  • National resources and priorities must be allocated to sort and Liquidate outed famiLEE LEEgime members and bring them back to Singapore. I insist that necessary prices must be paid for reform, and leave no room for slack in seeking thorough liquidation.
  • Take references and make improvements on the works done by Philippines & Indonesia as well as other countries to recover assets of corrupted formal rulers Marcos & Suharto.
  • Take references and make enhancement on the current efforts taken by Thailand to deal with outsted Thug-Sin family.
  • Make a CONTRAST against the currently on going famiLEE LEEgime's INCOMPETENT NKF Wayang, in dealing with TT Durai and Cohorts, using a NEW NKF to sue OLD NKF, and their blunders with Corruption Charges against Durai.
  • Set new example with this Singaporean effort in Liquidation of famiLEE LEEgime to the world and future citizens of Singapore.
  • In principal, I call all the members of LEEgime to RENEGATE against the famiLEE, and to make-good their past collaboration with famiLEE by helping Singaporeans to fight against them and LIQUDATE those who are still remaining with the corrupted famiLEE. There must be a fair and systematic mechanism to weight out merits of RENEGATED formal members of LEEgime against their past with the famiLEE LEEgime.
  • The idea is to eliminate the option of LEEgime members quiting this tiny island to be safe and rich elsewhere after famiLEE LEEgime is GAME-OVER. As a tiny island state this is the only meaningful approach. Singapore should post huge reward for bounty hunter and information, for wanted corrupts, this can be very similar to what had been posted by USA for capturing Saddam Hussein. My basic proposal is made reward Proportional to famiLEE LEEgime's ministerial salaries. :-) e.g. 1 year salary of the captured for DEAD, 2 years for alive.
  • The extend we must go about tracking down culprits of corruption must be more long lasting then the efforts to track down WW2 Nazi war criminals.
As much as LKy sell his own model of LEEgalized Corruption globally, future Singapore should promote a model of LEEgime Liquidation to call this the new Singaporean Model :-)