Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Manifesto against Corrupted Abuse of Judiciary

Cut & Pasted from my message on Sammyboymod forum:

155663.12 in reply to 155663.8

Nope he had been released last April or so, before GE2006.

That wasn't quite aligned with Prata Man's pleasure, but the timing was aligned to dog shit Yong Punk Sai's retirement. It also aligned with GE.

I mentioned this case in my speeches. I insist that dog shit Punk Sai is to be nailed properly for this and LKy has a hand in this case 100%, because Punk Sai have no balls to do this, he is just LKy's dog shit. LKy cleaned up his own dog shit by providing the IMH + Prata solution.

I pursued the case with ex-SDP's CEC member Arthero Lim, who has a stock trading A/C with Mr Boon Suan Ban. Other SDP CEC members helped me.

I spoke to Mrs Boon the wife and other Mr. Boon the brother. I went to DBS Huang Securities in JB (the office) 4 times, met all of Mr. Boon's colleges.

The Boon family was seriously intimidated that if they fight instead of cooperate with famiLEE LEEgime Boon would be detained even longer. They were scared and don't know what to do. They need help but are too fearful to even meet with us, fearing what famiLEE LEEgime will do to Boon in IMH.

I went to IMH with SDP people, at the visitor registration center they entered my NRIC into computer and immediately there are messages on the screen to direct the IMH staff to turn us away. It is obvious that famiLEE LEEgime knows that I am after this case, because I posted about it on this forum many times. I mentioned this case outside Singapore to inform international human rights and legal as well as political community - that famiLEE LEEgime is now playing the ex-Soviet Union trick to abuse mental hospital as another form of political prison.

IMH allowed no body except Boon's frightened family members to visit him. An IMH doctor I think Dr. Cxxx I met who knows about the case is friend of Worker's Party. I promised not to reveal anything I heard via that meeting. So that is OFF this thread... :-)

My position is this that Yong Punk Sai the dog shit have to come clean about what is between himself and Mr. Boon. Otherwise the entire world have all the reason to believe that very serious foul play and abusive judiciary brutality had been committed against Mr. Boon Suan Ban by famiLEE LEEgime. As CJ in office at the time of Boon's case the penalty Punk Sai must face for this should be something 5 times the normal in order to seek future deterrence against such grave injustice.

They can try to make people believe that Boon is insane to discredit any stories from Boon's side. But they can never make us believe that Punk Sai is insane, and as ex-CJ he got every liability to come clean about this, otherwise assumed by public to be guilty.

I insist that any Singaporean attending IBA conference would bring out this case as the most lethal nail to nail famiLEE LEEgime's Kangaroo.

This will take place on Friday in the Rule Of Law session of IBA.

The payback must be made in full with satisfactory interest, for injustice done by judges for personal grudges or interest such as debts.

If law is expected to be double harsh against law enforcement officers (mata) who committed crimes than it should be 5 time more harsh for judiciary officers, more so for the CJ.

The basis are:

  1. these officers of law have every obligation to up hold law for society
  2. they are entrusted and empowered by law given capabilities to do their works
  3. they are trusted not to abuse their powers and only use it to up hold law for the people's interest
  4. they are the selected and professionally trained public servants
  5. they are ultra highly paid in Singapore
  6. they can cause much more injustice and suffering to people when they abuse their authorities more so than any normal criminals
  7. they are worst then any normal criminals when they are found to be abusing their powers corruptly
  8. not punishing such culprits so seriously will render no respect nor trust to law and law enforcement by society the rule of law will then vanish

This principle will b a part of UY Manifesto for SGP's Reform :-)