Saturday, February 27, 2010

Manifesto to Tax & Gambling Reforms

I mentioned in other blogs of mine & forums that I will include in my Manifesto to reform Entertainment Laws & Gambling with particular regards towards Casino.

As a principal I am strongly against gambling as a profit generating business, it is unethical financial gain for all businesses individuals as well as government. Where ever it is possible this must be put against a very steep resistance to limit and reduce. Casino for profit must be disallowed.

Any businesses that deal with betting on races or sports or lottery for profits must not be allowed. Non-profit betting for funding charities may be allowed but with limitations and tight regulations. It will be my Manifesto to bring down casinos setup by famiLEE LEEgime.

I envision that non-profitable betting in form of lottery or racing will provide charity funds to benefit poor needy; old; poor; ill; etc social welfare.

It will also be my Manifesto to reform taxation. GST on peoples' basic necessities is ridiculous. Heavy taxes must be imposed against luxuries and entertainment on a steep basis. The higher the lifestyle one enjoys must be taxed with a higher rate. The rich who enjoys private airplanes, leisure boats; golf; clubs; etc must contribute a higher proportion to benefit the rest, while those struggling for survival & feeding families should be on the receiving end of the system.

Residential property tax must be positively related to the quality of environment and the residential density of these properties. These densities can be measured by average number of person per square area of built up & non-build areas.